Workshops for Futurein Food Ireland 2017

Building Lean & Green Sustainability Programmes

11:00am - 1:00pm

Addressing Water Stewardship and broader Sustainability Challenges across the Food & Beverage Supply Chain

Challenges, Solutions and Case Studies from the EPA’s Large Water Users Community of Practice

Workshop Overview: 11.00am to 12.45pm

During this interactive session, delegates will have the opportunity to review recent water stewardship trends, challenges and policy developments for Food & Beverage Supply Chain in Ireland and internationally.

They will also gain insights from the experiences of members of the EPA Large Water Users Community of Practice in the development and rollout of practicalwater stewardship and broader sustainability tools at their processing sites and across their supply chains.

Topics Covered

  • The need for better Water Stewardship in the sector
  • Water Mapping, Metering, Monitoring & Visualisation
  • Water Stewardship Standards – (internationally, at processing site-level and on the farm)
  • Awareness & Training  (on-site and across the supply chain)
  • Funding mechanisms and supports
  • Energy Management v’s Water Stewardship – Apples and Oranges?
  • Developing a Roadmap for Water Stewardship in Ireland

About Central Solutions and the EPA Large Water Users Community of Practice

The EPA-funded Community of Practice (COP) for Large Water Users is comprised of over 120 of the largest processing and service facilities across Ireland along with key national stakeholders and development agencies with a focus on addressing water stewardship and broader corporate sustainability challenges. The membership is drawn from the Food & Beverage, ICT, Pharma and other key sectors.

The establishment, and ongoing operation of the initiative is managed by Central Solutions, a firm recognised internationally as a leader in the area of specialist water stewardship programmes.Central Solutions is Ireland’s only approved support partner for the EWS and AWS international standards, an approved Enterprise Ireland and IDA GreenPlus consultancy. The firm is currently undertaking the development of a National Water Stewardship Roadmap for Industry and Agriculture in Irelandfunded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Research Programme 2014-2020.

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Certification Europe

11.00 - 1:00pm


·         Environmental Management as a pillar of Sustainability

·         ISO 14001 and what it can do for Sustainability

·         ISO 14001:2015 – Structure and Outline and what it can do for your business

·         Best Practice Examples

Mairead is a Lead Assessor specialising in Environmental, Health and Safety and Quality management systems. She joined Certification Europe in 2011 specialising in Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality auditing.

Mairead works with companies across a wide range of industries such as Construction/Utilities, Manufacturing, Engineering, Retail, Property Management, Pharmaceutical and Waste Management and delivers assessments throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland & England.

Mairead has also been involved with Solas (formally FAS) in the monitoring and mentoring of Safe Pass trainers and has delivered a number of courses on behalf of Certification Europe.

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Commercial Rooftop Solar PV Workshop – Mark Lowen Gaelectric Energy Solutions

11:00am - 1:00pm

The workshop will provide delegates with a factual insight into the opportunity that solar PV presents them as business leaders to reduce costs through self-generation of electricity, while doing something positive and measurable, for the environment.

This workshop will look at the four stages of a typical commercial roof top project,

  1. Site Load,  available roof space and System design
  2. Structural Survey, Planning Permission and Grid Connection
  3. Solution Installation and Maintenance
  4. System Performance, Measurement and Monitoring

To enhance the workshop Mark will use a real project completed in 2017 and utilise actual performance data showing a significant scale commercial site in Ireland and compare this against design data.

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