Exhibitors 2014

A small number of exhibition spaces are being made available at Future in Food Ireland for technology companies and consultants who are providing sustainability products and services to the Irish food and drinks processing sector.

For further information and to receive an exhibitor information pack please contact 046 9773434, alternatively email Ronan.

Our exhibitors include:

  • AIS
  • Authentic Energy
  • Bord Bia
  • Calor Ireland
  • Certuss
  • Certification Europe
  • Clark Energy
  • Electric Ireland
  • FLI Energy
  • Enprova
  • E&E Management
  • Floor Tech
  • IBEC/Green Business
  • Vesi Environmental
  • ALS Labelling
  • Avonmore Electrical
  • Fike
  • Wattics


Exhibitors Include:

AIS – Giving you and your facility labelling peace-of-mind

PrintAIS are  Ireland’s leading Systems Integrator specializing in Machine Vision Systems, Print and Apply Labelling, Barcode Scanning/Verification and RFID.

Your labelling needs are in safe hands with AIS. By delivering a range of labelling -specific technology and services to businesses from every size and sector, we have built a solid reputation in the market for worldclass systems implemented by first-class engineering teams

Machine Vision Systems – From the coffee you drink to the car you drive, ensure all your products reach their customers in perfect condition. Machine Vision Systems are used to inspect and control the production of products.

AIS Label Applicators – you’re assured of an excellent range of label applicators for fast and solid labelling of a packaging of all shapes and sizes. Our printer applicators apply labels to all types of products and packages.

Barcode Scanners – by supplying and supporting the complete range of Datalogic barcode readers, we’ll give you solutions of only the highest standards.

Barcode Verification – stay compliant and avoid costly product recall by installing best-in-class barcode verification technology.

Label printers & label inspection – as specialists in the field of barcode label printing and label inspection, AIS supply, install and support the complete range of Zebra label printers.


Enviroeye Consulting Engineers


Enviroeye Engineering Ltd is a mechanical & electrical engineering consulting company, founded in 2005.

We provide professional services to the Industrial & Commercial sectors. We act as the clients engineer from business case proposition to project commissioning & performance verification.

Our reputation has grown through successful project delivery within budget and achieving performance targets.

We have completed a wide variety of energy projects. On major projects, performance has been independently verified.

Our company philosophy is work in partnership with our clients to deliver successful projects, our track record is built on our company ethos, Customer Partnership & Service, Experienced based analysis, and Independent professional advice.

We endeavour to go the extra mile with our clients and achieve project success.

Professional Services:

  • Business  Case/ Feasibility studies
    • Identification/Application for Grant funding
    • Project specification/Tendering/Supervision/Commissioning
      • Identify best technology for the project
      • Project planning permission/Grid connections (Electrical & Gas)
      • Project Performance support
        • Long-term relationship to maintain high performance
  • Energy Management Systems (EnMS) Standards  (ISO 50001)
  • Savings Verification Services Certified Measurement & Verification Professional(CMVP®)



EnprovaAs part of the Better Energy Programme the Irish Government has placed an obligation on key energy utilities, fuel importers and named market players to meet specified energy saving targets as part of a multi annual programme. ENPROVA have been set up by the Irish Petroleum Industry Association (IPIA) to achieve these targets. IPIA members include companies like Topaz, Esso, Maxol, Valero, TOP, Philips 66 and Inver.

In order to meet these obligations we are required to become actively involved in aiding and incentivising organisations to achieve energy savings, and maximise their effect. To date in the food sector we have helped our clients save in excess of 800,000,000 KWh of energy.

As a private company that do not sell energy products to their clients, we are uniquely in this sector, and so best placed to progress the relationship between the industry and the obligated party to achieve the best result for both sides. As we are not conflicted in any manner, our input and commitment to your business is our only priority. It is this client based approach that means we honour our commitment of progressing your business to help ours.

Visit us at our stand to see how we can help you maximise your return from Energy Credits.


Avonmore Electrical

avonmoreFounded in 1958 and with over five decades of Electromechanical industrial experience, and accredited with ISO 9001, 140001 & 18001 certification, Avonmore Electrical Co Ltd prides itself in being the preferred service provider to the Energy, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical, medical and chemical companies in both Ireland and the UK.  Utilizing the latest technology on the market  to maintain energy efficiency during the rewind of motors, pumps and generators (IE 2, IE 3 & IE 4), plus a recent inward investment of over 1 million euro’s, Avonmore Electrical is well placed to meet our clients high expectations and demands .Throughout the years, Avonmore Electrical Ltd has continually expanded its mainly industrial customer base. This success has been built on an ongoing commitment to excellence, training and technical ability. Avonmore’s core business of motor, pump, generator and transformer repairs and service is complemented by both a co-located precision engineering facility to cater for all mechanical repairs and an industrial wholesale department which supplies and stocks the latest in Santerno Drives, ABB soft starters, Electric motors (standard and Ex rated) Energy efficient lighting, Scame industrial plugs and sockets, Iskra switch gear, Crouzet controllers, cabling etc.

Other onsite services include: Vibration analysis, Dynamic balancing, Laser Alignment, Thermography and Electrical diagnostics.



IrBEAThe Irish BioEnergy Association (IrBEA) are partners in the EU wide Biogas3 project. The project promotes use of small scale biogas for the agri-food industry. Small scale biogas can benefit the agri-food sector by recycling organic wastes into valuable biogas, and this gas can then be used to provide heating, electricity and even cooling for agri food companies. Biogas production not only reduces waste treatment costs it also reduces the carbon footprint while producing valuable energy. Biogas is a well-developed technology with over 14,000 plants around Europe. In recent years the focus has been on larger scale industrial plants built as standalone businesses – however small scale biogas (akin to the first plants built) can offer farmers and food producers a unique opportunity to recycle their own organic waste, recycle valuable nutrients, recover energy, reduce energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions.



FLI Energy

FLI Energy specialise in the design and construction of Anaerobic Digestion plants, capable of processing a variety of feedstocks including agricultural products, food wastes and a wide range of organic commercial and industrial wastes and by-products, to produce biogas and generate renewable energy.

Our plants are reliable, efficient and flexible, capable of processing a wide variety of different feedstock inputs. We offer a range of operational support services including plant maintenance and biological process analysis.

AD technology allows our customers to convert their organic waste into green energy, turning a possible disposal cost into a revenue stream.

With the benefit of our experience and expertise, you can benefit from our experience in electricity or biomethane to grid where on various UK projects we have used a range of CHP solutions and we have utilised different upgrade design solutions including water wash and membrane separation on a variety of Gas To Grid based projects across the UK.

You can develop your business in a sustainable way while significantly reducing imported energy consumption. We are active throughout the UK and Ireland and also with select projects internationally.

Ireland Sales – Contact: Denver Blemings (Sales Manager). Mob: 0044 7833 47 8864 Tel: +44 (0) 28 3753 8866


Bord Gais Energy

BGEBord Gáis Energy is one of Ireland’s largest gas and electricity suppliers and is a leading provider of boiler services. Founded in 1976 we currently supply over 750,000 customers with energy in Ireland across all market segments and, to date, Bord Gáis Energy has successfully delivered over 1 million boiler services jobs.

Rising energy costs are a significant challenge for many businesses in Ireland and energy costs can make up a significant portion of a company’s overheads. At Bord Gáis Energy we are always working on new and innovative ways to help our business customers save energy and lower their bills.

Lighting costs often equate to up to 40% of a business’ electricity costs and an LED lighting solution can help reduce these costs by as much as 70%. As part of our commitment to help our customers lower their bills, we have recently launched an LED lighting solution with our partner, Map Environmental Ltd.  As well as helping a business mitigate the risk of rising energy costs in the future, we also offer a range of financing packages which spread the cost of the solution over time. This enables our customers to benefit from the energy savings from day one of the LED installation while preserving valuable capital for core business activities.

Benefits of LED lighting include:

  • 70% less energy consumed than fluorescent equivalent lighting.
  • 50,000 hour running life which translates to virtually maintenance free lighting.
  • Improved luminance levels when compared to fluorescent lighting.

To learn more about our service offering and to see if your business could benefit from an LED lighting solution, come visit us and our partners at the Future in Food Ireland conference in the Aviva.


Fike – Because so much is at stake™

FikePlant safety is paramount, that’s why Fike is your natural partner when it comes to explosion and over-pressure prevention systems.  At Fike we understand the complex legislative environment in which you operate and can take some of this burden off your shoulders.

Overpressure or vacuum events can be surprisingly destructive, leading to personal injury, damaged equipment, business interruptions and downtime.  Fike’s bursting/rupture discs offer an affordable solution to these problems; with hygienic/sanitary grade options available on several of our ranges.  From protecting your complete process line to a single pressure relief valve Fike products are a critical part of your strategy.

Food products by nature are organic and 70% of organic dust is explosive in the right conditions.  Fike manufacture possibly the largest range of active and passive EP equipment available in Ireland. We do not resell others manufacturer’s equipment so can tailor a complete explosion protection system to your precise requirement.  With passive external venting, flameless internal venting, passive isolation equipment and fully active isolation and suppression systems.  Our active systems are backed up by a service team second to none in Ireland.

So, whether you’re just about to design or redesign your plant, carry out risk assessments for ATEX compliance or update your protection systems then contact Fike.



WATTICS copyWattics is an international leading company pioneering self-learning software intelligence for corporate energy management. Wattics has been recognised as the “Best Emerging Company in Ireland” in 2012, winning the prestigious InterTradeIreland-Seedcorn award. It has also received recognition from the IBEC Product & Services Environment Award in 2013.

The unique Wattics Sentinel engine constantly learns the operation trends of appliances and areas, identifying irregularities and picking up on inefficiencies. After a short learning phase, Sentinel starts notifying unusual patterns on electrical circuits to boost user engagement. Energy trends are displayed on a modular user-friendly online dashboard and can be viewed on a range of devices such as smartphones, tablets and desktop PCs.

Wattics innovate within the energy management market by assisting ESCOs and  energy specialists with an exclusive solution to improve energy management services to end-users by detecting inefficiency in real-time, converting complex meter readings into clear notifications and developing measurement and verification practices to generate reports suitable for energy service contracts. Implementation of practical energy reduction measures in processing and manufacturing has yielded a return on investment typically within the first 12 months with clients seeing their electrical wastage reduced by over 25% once recommendations are implemented.



Siemens logo 321The Siemens Industry Sector is one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative, environmentally friendly products and solutions for industry customers. We use solid market expertise, technology-based services and software for industrial processes to increase our customers’ productivity, efficiency and flexibility. Our globally unmatched offering of automation technology, industrial controls and drive technology as well as industrial software, equip manufacturing enterprises with what they require over their entire value chain.

Every vertical market works differently. Each has its own language, its own processes, its own challenges. For that reason vertical market-specific solutions are becoming more and more important. Based on our in-depth knowledge of vertical markets and solutions for the entire product development and production process, we are able to offer our vertical market customers an end-to-end offering from a single source – ranging from individual products and full system integration to complete solutions and accompanying services.

We put our expertise to work to identify and tap improvement potential for you. Helping your business respond to new market demands and developments that enhance your competitiveness.


VESI Environmental

vesi logo high

Wastewater Treatment using Integrated Constructed Wetland Systems (ICWs)

VESI Environmental Ltd and its associates are pioneers in the development and application of the Integrated Constructed Wetland (ICW) concept for wastewater treatment, with over 30 years experience. A company specialising in water and land services and at the forefront of innovative ‘green/blue’ technology. VESI Environmental delivers cost effective sustainable solutions with strong associated coherencies in social, economic and environmental management.

VESI Environmental Ltd ICWs are a defining example of the sustainable ‘green economy’ being increasingly demanded by society.

ICW systems have a commended record, providing sustainable and low cost treatment solutions for food processing industries. VESI Environmental Ltd specialises in the design, construction and operation of Integrated Constructed Wetlands (ICWs) for the treatment of wastewater’s.

The Benefits of VESI Environmental’s natural treatment systems are:
-Improving the ‘Sustainable/Green’ image of your company.
-Greatly reduce the capital, operations and maintenance costs associated with waste water treatment.
-Low external energy requirements
-Largely constructed from local materials
-Generating new valuable resources:  sequestering carbon, reusable water and other ecosystem services.


ALS Labelling Systems

ALS providing our Customers with “Solutions that stick”.

als logo[3] copyALS Labelling Solutions is a leading European supplier of labelling equipment. We design systems to label products of all shapes & sizes including both primary and secondary packaging. Our Systems are designed and built locally at our assembly workshop in Mulhuddart. Supported by regionally based experienced engineers all of whom have worked within the industry for many years. We provide an unparalleled level of service and support, resulting in a working solution that is both highly reliable and efficient. We supply everything from the most basic Label Dispenser or rewinder up to and including the world’s fastest Labeller that can apply up to 5,000 labels per minute. ALS also provide fully automated systems for the more complex and difficult applications that less experienced suppliers would shy away from. We are also specialist in Print and Apply applications, providing you with automated solutions that will save you time and money. In addition to these systems we also supply fully automated vision and scanning systems that will cut out time consuming manual inspections and wasteful reworks. ALS also provide fully certified offline barcode verification systems so you can confidently grade the quality of your in-house printed barcodes.


Certuss UK

certussAll CERTUSS Steam Generators are type tested according to European Pressure Equipment Guideline DGRL 97/23/EG. CERTUSS offer seven construction groups within their range of fossil fuel Generators with outputs ranging from 80kg/hr to 2000kg/hr and operating pressures of up to 32 Bar G. To accompany the Generator, CERTUSS also offer their CVE Package Plant Module, where all of the associated ancillary items are pre-piped, pre-wired and factory tested.

Fuel types offered are Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel, with combination burners offered on all units from 500kg/hr upwards. Also available are a range of Electrical Steam Generators from 6kW to 120kW.

CERTUSS also offer a new “TC Model” with touch screen control and full modulation from 50-100% firing. The TC offers output ranges from 500-2000kg/hr and is compatible with many BMS interface provisions such as Profibus and Modbus etc.



FloorTech Logo

Put your best food forward and join the ‘Flooring Leaders’ and forward thinking businesses who have invested in and are now benefiting from Trazcon® patented flooring and wall systems.

Established over 20 years ago, FloorTech® is now one of the leading specialist manufacturers of Poly Methyl Methacrylate (PMMA) resin-based seamless floor finishes in Ireland and the UK.  We have proven ourselves to be a market leader through superior product development, product performance, professional service and controlled installation (Certified ISO 9001:2008). We offer ‘fit for purpose’ flooring solutions to all market sectors, predominately Food & Beverage.

With a wealth of experience and technical knowledge here at FloorTech® we have a clear understanding of the flooring requirements in the Food Industry.

Benefits of FloorTech® Trazcon PMMA Resin Flooring Solutions.

  • · ‘Fit for Purpose’ extremely durable flooring.
  • Hygienic, seamless surface for easy cleaning and low maintenance.
  • Complies with all food preparation legislation, as well as Health and Safety standards.
  • Food Conformity (EN 1186)
  • Working towards HACCPS accreditation
  • BS 7976-2:2002 (Slip Resistance).
  • Fire Certification (EN 11925-2)
  • Chemical, UV and abrasion resistant.
  • Speedy installation – 1 hour cure (minimal shutdown)
  • Renewable systems designed to last the lifetime of the structure.

Contact:       Cork Head Office 00353-21-4351560        Dublin 00353 1 4693737

Belfast 0044 28 9073587



Green Business

GreenBusiness_Logo_CMYK[3] copyGreen Business is a FREE and confidential resource efficiency service for all types of SMEs in Ireland. The service is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under the National Waste Prevention Programme with the objective of delivering substantive resource efficiency improvements and cost savings, through waste prevention and reductions in water and energy consumption.

Businesses can request a free site visit carried out by our experienced Green Business advisors. A report is then produced which provides recommendations for resource efficiency savings. All information is treated as confidential and is not passed to any other party.

Green Business works with Origin Green Companies to help identify resource efficiency opportunities. Green Business identified on average €37,000 in potential savings per company visited in the last 3 years. Green Business has engaged with over 1000 businesses and held 26 Resource Efficiency Seminars across the country offering companies practical advise on how to save money and become more sustainable.

For more information see www.greenbusiness.ie or email contactus@greenbusiness.ie or free call 1850 473361.



ISIS Automation

ISIS Automation Ltd has been involved in all aspects of System Integration, from Design and Specification to Integration and Commissioning for almost 2 decades. Its strengths are in system integration, optimization or modification that bring all your disciplines requirements into a successfully commissioned plant.  We have undertaken numerous: new mode, system optimization and energy reduction projects and because of its very broad range of experience in a wide variety of manufacturing sectors and industries it is uniquely placed to offer the best solutions tailored on our customers’ requirements.

It has recently been awarded the System Integration and Product distribution supplier of choice by ControlStation Inc., for the European region.

ControlStation’s innovative and award winning PID Tuning LoopPro™ and PID Monitoring PlantESP™ can be utilised to optimize system PIDs and then continually monitor to maintain that performance. This ensures minimum energy consumption for maximum production return.

Typically, an effective program of PID optimisation can result in the following benefits from Automated PID controlled systems:

1.       Energy Consumption decreases of 5-15%
2.       Production throughput increases of 2-5%
3.       Production Defects decreases of 25 – 50%
4.       Production yield increases of 5 – 10%.

Could your business benefit from these improvements? We believe so!

Stop by ask for a demonstration of our products.



Clarke FINAL logo

Clarke Energy

Clarke Energy is the authorised distributor and service provider for GE Energy’s Jenbacher gas engine in Ireland. The Island of Ireland including both the Republic and Northern Ireland is managed from Clarke Energy’s dedicated Irish operation in Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow. Clarke Energy is committed to delivering high quality installations and to providing reliable, accountable, long term maintenance support for your generation equipment. Installations meet the highest levels of environmental performance by deploying renewable energy systems and through high efficiency generation from gas.

Clarke Energy provides flexible solutions for the delivery & maintenance of gas engine power plants. Our services range from the supply of a gas engine, through to the complete turnkey installation of a gas-fuelled combined heat and power plant. Clarke Energy has a dedicated, top-quality team of sales, engineering, project management, commissioning and maintenance staff. Clarke Energy offers long term maintenance contracts backed up by a strong balance sheet. This helps give peace of mind with respect to the long-term performance of your GE gas engine facility.


Calor 200

Calor Gas – Understanding customer’s needs and providing solutions

Established in 1937, Calor has been delivering innovative energy solutions in Ireland for over 75 years. Calor is part of SHV Energy, the largest distributor of LPG worldwide, fuelling businesses, vehicles and homes in more than 27 countries.

LPG stands for Liquefied Petroleum Gas – a very versatile, portable and manageable fuel which is easily stored and delivered in cylinder and bulk tank form, and as it produces far lower carbon emissions than oil, coal, peat and even electricity, it is one of the cleanest conventional fuels available.

As the leading provider of LPG to the Irish market, Calor understands that businesses are looking for the most economical and efficient energy solution available. Calor LPG offers significant advantages for businesses in the food sector due to its cleaner burning and environmentally sustainable credentials.

Our energy advisors can tailor energy solutions for business to help reduce energy costs over the long term and positively impact on carbon footprint. In addition, Calor customers can enjoy excellent Customer Support, online account management, and the peace of mind that they’ll never run out of gas as a Calor customer with our tank telemetry and automatic top up service.

For further information or to speak to a Calor Energy advisor contact our Calor contact centre on 1850 812 450 (ROI) / 028 9045 5588 (NI) or visit www.calorgas.ie.



Authentic Energy

A structured approach to energy management delivers energy efficiency savings of 5-10% per year, reducing the cost of energy used even as prices rise.

Our aim is to help you achieve your business objective at minimum energy cost. We can do the work for you, show you or train you, so your team can sustain the savings long-term.



Click NSL Policy on electrical safety aspects of events[1] for exhibitor safety instructions.


To reserve your delegate seat at Future in Food Ireland simply email Ronan or Rachel indicating same and confirmation will be forwarded to you without delay.