Keynote Speakers 2020

Andrew Kehoe – Business Software Specialist – Aspera Solutions

Andrew Kehoe is an experienced speaker that has brings laughter, experience and technical expertise to every aspect of his work.

A graduate of University College Dublin, Andrew has held senior management positions at technology companies including Exact Software, the Maconomy Corporation and Datapac.

As Senior Solutions Consultant for Aspera Solutions, Andrew brings a unique combination of energy, in-depth Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business process re-engineering experience to his role. He cuts through the ‘gobbledegook’ to succinctly explain the many benefits of ERP technology and has considerable experience in developing custom solutions for the Food & Beverage sector.

If you / your team are thinking about engaging in an ERP project to increase flexibility, scalability, automation and agility within your business, then don’t hesitate to contact Andrew for and insightful, common sense approach.


Conor Molloy – AEMS – Event Chairman

Conor Molloy is an independent energy advisor, accepted as a member of the Association of Energy Engineers, CILT, FTAI, IMCA and EVO

With an MSc in Energy Management and Renewable energy from University of Ulster, he is a Certified Energy Manager (CEM), Measurement & Verification professional (CMVP) and trainer for ISO50001. 

In recent times, he has trained ESOS Lead Assessors in Transport Energy Auditing at the request of the UK Government’s Environment Agency, led the publication of EN 16247-4 Europe’s transport energy audit standard and contributed to ISO50004.

Since 2005, Conor’s day job has been helping business’ save fuel and manage their energy usage for profit and reduced emissions.


Professor Jane Stout – Ecologist – Trinity College Dublin

Professor Jane Stout is an ecologist at Trinity College Dublin, and member of the Nature + Steering committee.

Prof. Stout research specialises in plant-animal interactions and how they are important to and affected by human activity. Understanding these interactions and managing them efficiently is key to ensure sustainability of food chains in the future (i.e. one third of today’s foods depend on the action of pollinators).

More broadly, she is interested in how nature matters to human industry, society and well-being. The food industry is a vulnerable sector to the current degradation of natural assets as they mostly underpin the food supply cycle. We need to ensure viability of natural stocks (i.e. freshwater, fish, forests, wildlife) which are currently in decline and they need to be restored, rehabilitated, rescued or re-established.

It is been recognised by numerous global organisations such UN, OECD and EU that nature-based solutions approach is an ideal way to tackle this global challenge. The idea of nature-based solutions is to co-engineer solutions in conjunction with natural chemical, physical and biological laws that rule the economy and societies to do it in a more integrated manner, thus providing a more sustainable, cost-effective, multi-purpose and flexible alternative to current practices which are dated, inefficient and un-sustainable.

Prof. Stout is a Director of the Irish Forum on Natural Capital and co-lead of the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan.


Johnathan Reddin – Energy Lead – Dawn Meats

Johnathan Reddin  as group environmental project co-ordinator and energy lead is responsible for the management of Dawn Meats Irelands energy management system (EnMS) and the coordination of all environmental projects relating to energy, water and waste. Johnathan began his role in Dawn under the graduate programme as a trainee environmental manager in Charleville Co. Cork, one of Dawn Meats largest primal beef slaughter and de-boning facilities. Johnathan later played a leading role in deploying the fundamentals of ISO 50001 to 8 of the Irish sites.

Johnathan has a BAgrSc in Agri-Environmental Science and is currently in the process of completing a masters (MSc) in Environmental Sustainability both from University College Dublin.